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The Kardashian Kard: Synergy Catastrophe

Just when you thought we’d seen the financial services industry at it’s shadiest… they found a way to partner with someone even worse, Hollywood. The Kardashian Kard is a prepaid debit card with outrageous fees ($195.35 in the first year, … Continue reading

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Regular Expressions Excel Add-In

For my internship over the past several months I’ve been working in the Marketing Science department and part of my job has been getting data into MS Access and generating reports. This involves getting lists of prospects from various data … Continue reading

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dot.Rory: Morality and the web

This is article raises questions on what the responsibilities of web companies should be regarding the content they provide to users. As everyone in our Social Media Marketing class at Rady has learned, a lot of work goes into determining … Continue reading

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