Kal•bi•Q Food Truck Review

KalbiQ Tacos - Bulgogi & Short Rib

KalbiQ Tacos

Today while browsing Twitter I saw that the Kal•bi•Q truck was stopping by Regents & Nobel at 4pm so on my way home I decided to check it out. In contrast to when I first saw them last week there was no line so I walked up and ordered one Korean short rib taco ($2) and one bulgogi taco ($2.50). Being from LA I immediately had to compare my meal to the original Kogi tacos. While a similar size and price they were a bit plain and not as spicy so they seemed a little expensive. However, on everybody’s favorite San Diego tradition, Taco Tuesday, they are $1 which is a deal.

Both tacos were good although the short rib was a little tough. The bulgogi was my preference and it is something Kogi doesn’t serve. The tacos weren’t as much of a high-end Korean-Mexican fusion taste but they were still good. The meat was on par but the rest was a little basic but not bad at all. They were a little over priced for what I got, in comparison. I can’t say 2 or 3 tacos will be all that filling, but I’ll stay on the lookout for the truck Taco Tuesdays for sure and I’m glad I can get Korean BBQ tacos on my way back from campus so easily now.

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