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Regular Expressions Excel Add-In

For my internship over the past several months I’ve been working in the Marketing Science department and part of my job has been getting data into MS Access and generating reports. This involves getting lists of prospects from various data … Continue reading

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dot.Rory: Morality and the web

This is article raises questions on what the responsibilities of web companies should be regarding the content they provide to users. As everyone in our Social Media Marketing class at Rady has learned, a lot of work goes into determining … Continue reading

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Malcolm’s Netflix Instant Watch Halloween Hitlist

Let the Right One In Dead Snow Thirst Nosferatu Paranormal Activity The Evil Dead Zombieland Night of the Living Dead The Fly Mystery Science Theater 3000: Zombie Nightmare Dexter Mystery Science 3000: The Giant Gila Monster The Exorcist This year … Continue reading

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Kal•bi•Q Food Truck Review

Today while browsing Twitter I saw that the Kal•bi•Q truck was stopping by Regents & Nobel at 4pm so on my way home I decided to check it out. In contrast to when I first saw them last week there … Continue reading

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Weak Links and Social Activism on Social Networks

Last Wednesday in my Social Media Marketing class we talked about social structure and the concept of weak vs strong ties between people. The general consensus is that social networking sites are in the vast majority weak ties between people. … Continue reading

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