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Nuclear Energy Roundtable

Is nuclear energy different than other energy sources? | The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists I recently found that The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has an ongoing roundtable of a series of articles about nuclear energy. I come down … Continue reading

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Class Warfare Sounds Dignified in the Queen’s English

After the Riots – Owen Jonesaudio | RSA Podcasts The RSA, my latest favorite podcast, just released this really great discussion about the London Riots. Before listening I was only vaguely aware of what was really going on in London, … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time I Wrote Awesome Code

I’ve finally finished and released a coding side-project of mine that has gone neglected for 3 years. About Truncator.js So here’s what it does: Truncates nested html content (not just flat text) to fit within a fixed height (or max-height) … Continue reading

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How Not To Write an Interview Thank You Letter

Alternate title: Wherein Malcolm is a Grammar Nazi Procrastinating Writing His Own Thank You Letter I know isn’t exactly known for it’s quality content or insightful advice but this should not be the top search result on Google for … Continue reading

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I Have Conquered Imperial

Los Angeles In downtown Los Angeles, early sunlight often warms the west side of the tall white canyon called Flower Street. Beneath a lush awning of tree-leaves against the scaffolded coast of the University Club, a bus blinks its red … Continue reading

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