Links: Arab Spring

As you may know, I am a news junkie. I’ve followed the Arab Spring uprisings for some time now. Egypt made headlines as Hosni Mubarak was overthrown, and there have been stories trickling out since about the continuing corruption and abuse by the military government. Libya has also gotten a lot of press recently due to UN/NATO intervention. But Syria has been relatively opaque due to the lack of access from international media. What we have heard is pretty shocking especially since there is little hope of outside intervention. In light of the complexity of everything going on and the differences from country to country this is going to be a list of news sources from a variety of perspectives.

Timeline of Events – The Guardian
Mid. East Unrest Photo Gallery – The Guardian
Middle East protests: Country by Country – BBC News
Libya Crisis – BBC News
Arab Uprising - BBC News
Topic: The Middle East – CNN
Yemen – Protests – New York Times
Syria – Protests – New York Times
Al Jazeera English – Middle East
Demanding change in the Middle East and North Africa – Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch – Middle East & N. Africa
The Arabist Blog
The Lebanon Spring Blog

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