My Kindle is Dead, Long Live My Kindle

Last week my Kindle mysteriously died at 30,000 feet leaving me to spend the rest of the flight watching the guy in the seat next to me blissfully playing Angry Birds on his iPad 2. I guess I karmically deserved that.

Well I guess there’s a downside of using an e-reader to store all of your books. Thankfully my Kindle was still within Amazon’s one year warranty. That’s pretty standard but it isn’t all that great of an insurance policy for what is supposed to be your entire library, especially if the screens themselves are defective. I wouldn’t expect them to replace the device if I had broken it but for an inexplicable error like this it seems warranted. Technology breaks, especially new technology, but I really would like it if Amazon could stand behind the product some more.

Thankfully my Kindle will be replaced for free, and I was able to save all of my books so the loss itself isn’t so great. The eye opener was that while the Kindle keeps all of your e-books from the Kindle store in “the cloud” (for me a grand total of two), the other 20 from websites like Project Gutenberg are only ever stored on the device. So if you take advantage of the mountain of free e-books out there, and you should, remember to back them up somewhere.

Now I am left staring at the behemoth that is Imperial sitting my coffee table. This 1,200+ page book alone must weigh at least 10x what a Kindle does. I feel like I am living in the stone age… or, you know 2007.

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6 Responses to My Kindle is Dead, Long Live My Kindle

  1. Jamie says:

    Hey dude, sucks about your Kindle! I just got one recently and have been reading about Kindles shorting out when you use a cover that attaches with metal prongs. Apparently, just remove the case and everything is fixed. Anyway, those books you found on Project Gutenberg are available for free from Amazon too (and thus backed up). hope that softens the blow of having to re-download all 20!

  2. Malcolm Poindexter says:

    Ya I couldn’t find some of them (or I didn’t like the formatting) so I just downloaded everything I was looking for from other places. I think I’ll go through the Kindle store from now on whenever possible now though. The replacement just arrived today, actually. As much as I hate to I might get a case for this one to keep the Kindle gremlins at bay.

    • Christiane says:

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  3. Grace Backshall says:

    Hi mine has just done the same thing :( I don’t have any of the original packaging do you think this would effect anything or will they just repair it? Thanks

    • Malcolm says:

      I’m not sure about the packaging, but I think Kindles still come under a 1 year replacement warranty. They won’t repair it though, instead they send a new one; so if you have any other files on it take them off if you can.

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