Nuclear Energy Roundtable

Is nuclear energy different than other energy sources? | The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

I recently found that The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has an ongoing roundtable of a series of articles about nuclear energy. I come down in favor of nuclear + renewable energy as the most recent article suggests. But there are a lot of articles both pro and con that highlight the issues with nuclear energy as well.

As a magazine put out during the Cold War whose symbol is a menacing doomsday clock counting down “minutes to midnight (Armageddon)”, The Bulletin is naturally a bit skeptical about nuclear power. Since the end of the Cold War the magazine has broadened it’s focus to talk about climate change as well, which gives them a really unique perspective. Their Fukushima coverage is also particularly good, it is really fascinating learning from real experts in nuclear energy and energy policy as opposed to general news reporters. I follow a lot of science blogs but The Bulletin is definitely one of the best issue-focused sources.

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