These Blogs Are Better Than Mine

My blog has been dormant for almost two months now. But luckily, a six day weekend has left me with plenty of time to read other people’s blogs. If you have sat behind me on my one day of class this quarter (awesome!) you might be curious about what I’m reading so I thought I’d share the contents of my RSS reader.

In related news, Donald Glover’s blog is pretty much exactly what you’d expect, a random collection of: geekiness, hipsterdom, and Hollywood newbie. Here’s hoping for a good show tonight at The Belly Up.

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  1. I guess I never realized that Don Imus represented such a threat to decency and integrity in this country. I thought that Bill O’Reilly already had that job. I’m with Monique – thank you for putting my scorn into more intelligent words than the “what the fuck??” that has been rattling around in my head.

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