Wait, I can get TV for Free?

When the feature on your cable box that you use the most is the clock, you know it is time to say good riddance. It all started with a surprise DVR fee, and since I never used my DVR I didn’t exactly see what my $20 was getting me. Then there was the end of my HBO introductory offer, so I canceled that too.

But then I realized that besides CNN and Discovery, I rarely even watch cable TV. Well that’s not true I watch a lot of cable TV, I just watch it over the internet. Between an antenna, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video I can watch or buy 95% of anything I want to see within a day of it airing, including HBO.

Of course who knows where Hulu will wind up now that they are on sale. Despite never responding to my job applications I think Hulu is great convenience and it is the reason I never learned how to use my broken DVR, thanks for that one too Time Warner Cable.

So what is my $60 supposed to be getting me anyway? Being a good MBA I made a spreadsheet (shut up Jessie) showing that I could use Amazon Instant Video for about $30 a month I could buy and not just rent most everything I wanted to see. For that $30 I may miss a show or two and have to sit through buffering and terrible commercials with cats in them, but right now that seems like a small price to pay.

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