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I Have Conquered Imperial

Los Angeles In downtown Los Angeles, early sunlight often warms the west side of the tall white canyon called Flower Street. Beneath a lush awning of tree-leaves against the scaffolded coast of the University Club, a bus blinks its red … Continue reading

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This Blog is Prettier Than Mine

The website of Amsterdam based is just too cool. They post some good stuff around the area of technology, art, and creativity. But what blew me away was the great interface and gorgeous backgrounds; which makes sense if you … Continue reading

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Oh My God, I Think I Like Twitter

There was a time, lets call it September, when I thought Twitter was stupid. Signing up for Twitter seemed like opting into a spam email service. Why would I ask for people to send me all of that junk? But … Continue reading

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Wait, I can get TV for Free?

When the feature on your cable box that you use the most is the clock, you know it is time to say good riddance. It all started with a surprise DVR fee, and since I never used my DVR I … Continue reading

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My Kindle is Dead, Long Live My Kindle

Last week my Kindle mysteriously died at 30,000 feet leaving me to spend the rest of the flight watching the guy in the seat next to me blissfully playing Angry Birds on his iPad 2. I guess I karmically deserved … Continue reading

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