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These Blogs Are Better Than Mine

My blog has been dormant for almost two months now. But luckily, a six day weekend has left me with plenty of time to read other people’s blogs. If you have sat behind me on my one day of class … Continue reading

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Energy in Motion

An 18 credit quarter has left my blog pretty inactive over the past few months but I decided to post this Google motion chart on world energy usage a while back. My inspiration was Hans Rosling and his awesome TED … Continue reading

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What’s On My Kindle

With my new Kindle I have been going through Project Gutenberg and downloading all the classics: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Siddhartha, The Art of War, and several other books I have a vague … Continue reading

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San Diego Has Food Trucks!

Gourmet food trucks have become a huge fad in LA. My UCSD colleagues will be pleased to know that San Diego has more than just kalbiQ as well. Frankly, there were more than I anticipated and I’m sure I missed … Continue reading

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Malcolm’s Netflix Instant Watch Halloween Hitlist

Let the Right One In Dead Snow Thirst Nosferatu Paranormal Activity The Evil Dead Zombieland Night of the Living Dead The Fly Mystery Science Theater 3000: Zombie Nightmare Dexter Mystery Science 3000: The Giant Gila Monster The Exorcist This year … Continue reading

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