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Nuclear Energy Roundtable

Is nuclear energy different than other energy sources? | The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists I recently found that The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has an ongoing roundtable of a series of articles about nuclear energy. I come down … Continue reading

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Class Warfare Sounds Dignified in the Queen’s English

After the Riots – Owen Jonesaudio | RSA Podcasts The RSA, my latest favorite podcast, just released this really great discussion about the London Riots. Before listening I was only vaguely aware of what was really going on in London, … Continue reading

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RSA Podcasts on Debt and Sustainability

The Economics of Good and Evil – Tomáš Sedláčekvideo | audio This is a great presentation explaining Keynesian economic theory and the practical use of it with regard to the use of debt. Basically it is 50%, “America you’re doing … Continue reading

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Links: Arab Spring

As you may know, I am a news junkie. I’ve followed the Arab Spring uprisings for some time now. Egypt made headlines as Hosni Mubarak was overthrown, and there have been stories trickling out since about the continuing corruption and … Continue reading

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These Blogs Are Better Than Mine

My blog has been dormant for almost two months now. But luckily, a six day weekend has left me with plenty of time to read other people’s blogs. If you have sat behind me on my one day of class … Continue reading

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