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Class Warfare Sounds Dignified in the Queen’s English

After the Riots – Owen Jonesaudio | RSA Podcasts The RSA, my latest favorite podcast, just released this really great discussion about the London Riots. Before listening I was only vaguely aware of what was really going on in London, … Continue reading

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RSA Podcasts on Debt and Sustainability

The Economics of Good and Evil – Tomáš Sedláčekvideo | audio This is a great presentation explaining Keynesian economic theory and the practical use of it with regard to the use of debt. Basically it is 50%, “America you’re doing … Continue reading

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Energy in Motion

An 18 credit quarter has left my blog pretty inactive over the past few months but I decided to post this Google motion chart on world energy usage a while back. My inspiration was Hans Rosling and his awesome TED … Continue reading

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