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Energy in Motion

An 18 credit quarter has left my blog pretty inactive over the past few months but I decided to post this Google motion chart on world energy usage a while back. My inspiration was Hans Rosling and his awesome TED … Continue reading

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The Odds of Winning The Lottery

When the recent Mega Millions Lottery jackpot of $355 million hit the news and I kept hearing how horrible of a gamble the lottery was. With odds of winning the jackpot at 1 in 175,711,536 the lottery is a bad … Continue reading

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Why Taxes Don’t Matter

I guess this is part two of my economic policy rant. This morning I woke up well rested and I was greeted by CNN with yet another Republican talking point: “we should extend the Bush tax cuts because lower taxes … Continue reading

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Taxes: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Under Republican pressure, President Obama recently announced his plan to extend the Bush Tax cuts for another two years. That pressure comes from politicians who keep insisting that tax cuts, especially for the rich, are good for growth. That belief … Continue reading

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The Kardashian Kard: Synergy Catastrophe

Just when you thought we’d seen the financial services industry at it’s shadiest… they found a way to partner with someone even worse, Hollywood. The Kardashian Kard is a prepaid debit card with outrageous fees ($195.35 in the first year, … Continue reading

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