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How Not To Write an Interview Thank You Letter

Alternate title: Wherein Malcolm is a Grammar Nazi Procrastinating Writing His Own Thank You Letter I know isn’t exactly known for it’s quality content or insightful advice but this should not be the top search result on Google for … Continue reading

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These Blogs Are Better Than Mine

My blog has been dormant for almost two months now. But luckily, a six day weekend has left me with plenty of time to read other people’s blogs. If you have sat behind me on my one day of class … Continue reading

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dot.Rory: Morality and the web

This is article raises questions on what the responsibilities of web companies should be regarding the content they provide to users. As everyone in our Social Media Marketing class at Rady has learned, a lot of work goes into determining … Continue reading

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Weak Links and Social Activism on Social Networks

Last Wednesday in my Social Media Marketing class we talked about social structure and the concept of weak vs strong ties between people. The general consensus is that social networking sites are in the vast majority weak ties between people. … Continue reading

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BBC News On Corporate Use Of Social Media

BBC News wrote an article yesterday about how a few companies are using and watching social media. The article uses the classic example of “United Breaks Guitars” to show the dangers of mistreating your customers in the age of YouTube … Continue reading

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