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RSA Podcasts on Debt and Sustainability

The Economics of Good and Evil – Tomáš Sedláčekvideo | audio This is a great presentation explaining Keynesian economic theory and the practical use of it with regard to the use of debt. Basically it is 50%, “America you’re doing … Continue reading

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The Kardashian Kard: Synergy Catastrophe

Just when you thought we’d seen the financial services industry at it’s shadiest… they found a way to partner with someone even worse, Hollywood. The Kardashian Kard is a prepaid debit card with outrageous fees ($195.35 in the first year, … Continue reading

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Weak Links and Social Activism on Social Networks

Last Wednesday in my Social Media Marketing class we talked about social structure and the concept of weak vs strong ties between people. The general consensus is that social networking sites are in the vast majority weak ties between people. … Continue reading

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BBC News On Corporate Use Of Social Media

BBC News wrote an article yesterday about how a few companies are using and watching social media. The article uses the classic example of “United Breaks Guitars” to show the dangers of mistreating your customers in the age of YouTube … Continue reading

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Socializing and Marketing in Second Life

This quarter, in business school, I’m taking a class in social media marketing and the topic of virtual worlds and Second Life in particular was brought up. A lot of people were understandably perplexed by the appeal of the game … Continue reading

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